Friday, 23 May 2014

Physical fitness - You Know

With this failure is desperately trying to find lost confidence with a completely disproportionate exercise.
Physical fitness is gradually becoming the sole purpose of their lives, due to constant exercise often leaving their jobs or studies.
Big alexia affects about 1-2% of the U.S. population, with exceptions only men.
Her performance is constant observation of his body in the mirror, or the performance of ritual exercises.
Dr. Hollander believes that the disease is caused by a decrease in the levels of serotonin in their study therefore served bygone come pralines (used in depressive and obsessive patients).
 Indicates that the treatment is not simple
Coli priming help reduce the symptoms by about 25-35%, which can help to return to school or work and decreasing suicidal thoughts.
The permanent cure for the disease, it is necessary comprehensive psychotherapy.
This disorder described and named in 1891 by Italian psychiatrist Enrich Morsels, who regarded it as a kind of discord foodie.
Under his name was included in the hypochondriac disorders as "relentless intrusive or restrictive dealing with their own imagined visual deficiency".
Discord foodie was defined as "morbid thoughts to the belief that it is noticeable or repels their physical appearance" (, 1956). Later, scientists noticed that big alexia “is excessive confrontation with the alleged defect in appearance with normal looking people” (Freaky, Mahoney, 1994) and are characterized by "absolute commitment to morbid obsession invented defect" (Halogen, Whit bourn, 1994).

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Truth about cellulite by Joey Atlas- Symptoms

Symptoms of Infectious Cellulites with Truth about cellulite info by Joey Atlas
Symptoms of infectious cellulites are local pain and a low grade fever, there is also:
Body pain get daily tips
Spot at the affected site, which burns
Local swelling,
Inflammation of the lymph nodes,
Reddened areas in the body

The infectious cellulite should be quickly treated with antibiotics does not become widespread. It is a particularly dangerous disease because it is caused by bacteria that enter the body and if not exterminated can get into the bloodstream and cause a blood infection, affecting the entire body (sepsis).
Avoid junk food: they increase the accumulation of toxins;

Eliminate toxins: depurative consuming teas and foods anti oxidants;
Eat more home cooking: healthy as grilled, boiled, raw foods and etc;
Make exercise: it accelerates the metabolism, activates circulation, burns fat and eliminates toxins;
Use anti cellulite creams: Contains properties essential to winning the war, especially that containing gout kola get daily tips

Control weight: with a healthy lifestyle.
The solution to beat cellulite is definitely in lifestyle. If you have cellulite, change this reality by following these 10 commandments with Truth about cellulite torrent by Joey Atlas

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Customized Fat Loss Review - Fasting process for cholesterol lowering

Fasting process for cholesterol lowering
Most of the young people, their strict vegetarian, do not eat dairy and eggs. The results showed that the blood pressure of a very small, averaging 106/60 in people ages 16 to 29 compared with 120/75 of the otherwise healthy young Americans aged 20 find more tips here

A study on the vegetarians showed the index and blood pressure   below are lower than the number of people who eat meat only about 4 or 5 indicators.   The scientists said there is need to go through a long period of time that is effective.   Tested on a group of people who eat meat frequently earlier this switch to no meat saw only a few months down the 7 points and 3 points on the index in the index below.   When these people eat the normal regime, blood pressure index has returned just 2 weeks old.

Fasting cholesterol lowering - Experiments at Harvard Medical School showed that if for vegans eat about 250g of beef per day, the concentration of cholesterol in their blood will increase to about 19%. Meat rations close to normal diets of other Americans,   just a little more fat  find more tips here

 The results also indicate the level of this cholesterol quickly fell back like it was before only after 10 to 14 days no meat diet. Lower blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels means reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Kyle Leon Scam - The position of the body in yoga

The position of the body in yoga
The yoga guru said that the position of the legs locked together in the lotus position will create pressure on the bottom two chakras in the body, which makes the energy tends to go up to nourish the human heart along the spinal cord and controls the entire nervous system Visit Link:

 These experiments showed that the science of Yoga, just sitting lotus position, even if we do not try to focus thoughts, there is a change in brain waves from beta rhythm of about 20 cycles per second to about alpha rhythm 8 cycles per second.

 The alpha rhythm brain gives the state of a person who is calm and lucid. This result is consistent with the theory of traditional medicine, that in the lotus position, left fibula in the lower leg has created a strong pressure on the right place at the foot of the grave Tam sound to communicate (the hollow shore after tibia, the ankle in about 6 cm). Thus, during the sitting cross-legged, blood will be constantly stimulated Visit Link:

Three audio is delivered over the graves of three of the Pi music, Intervention and Kidney Diseases; should stimulate this will have the effect of "slow ventilation", "details the lower profile target" and the adjustment disorders (if any) in the economic and related organs.
Those signs of stress, patients' United yin "or having the hot flashes and the way these women are in menopause will easily feel the effect when sitting in lotus position.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Joey Atlas Reviews - the lack of physical activity in older people

With the lack of physical activity in older people develop obesity, metabolic diseases, the risk of diabetes, impaired activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is worth remembering that the exercise of that age should be metered and meets age and comorbidities.

Health and work - Hard work is the basis of ill-health. Everyone who works too much at the factory or delayed until late in the office, at risk to earn hypertension studies show that people, who regularly stay at work, are more at risk of various diseases, heart attacks, injuries how to get

Women, who work late, eat in hurry, smoke more and doing less exercise than others. Moreover, even a few hours of overtime a week can have a negative effect on the body.
Research scientists from the University of California at Irvine shows that compared with those who do not work more than 40 hours per week, the risk to earn high pressure in people working 41-50 hours increased by 14% and employees who work more than 51 hours a week, this figure rises to 29% Visit Link:

During the study, it was concluded that the duties of the employee requiring more intellectual effort, but providing him with more opportunities to influence working conditions, may protect against high blood pressure. Information portal for all lovers of outdoor activities - biking! Be Healthy Roux recommends! Bicycles and all about bikes!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Customized Fat Loss Review - Daily dose of yogurt is quite controversial

It is well known that yogurt - a useful product, therefore, kefir diet should be built in such a way as to enable this miracle drink to show all of their remarkable properties.
With the help of diet can successfully rid the body of toxins, significantly lose weight and improve their health. Kefir diet - there are so many, but the most famous and effective is a mono-diet kefir, implying use during unloading alone this product. Complicated? Sure Find The Advantages

But then, the result of such a diet is expected serious - up to a kilogram daily. Quantitative question daily dose of yogurt is quite controversial - some people recommend not stepping over the bar in the 1.5 liter, others think that being on a diet based on kefir and you can drink this drink, not limiting them. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

 If your diet while on a diet of low-fat yogurt, then the daily amount of it can be safely increased. But if you prefer a high-fat yogurt, you should not get involved in its over-absorption  Visit Link:

 Kefir diet - quite a serious test for your body, so try to make every effort to ensure that facilitate this process. Do not disturb the traditional diet - drink kefir is in the hours when you usually eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of course, you are free to give him an extra meal - lunch or an afternoon snack (kefir, of course) - then, when the stomach is frantically signaled by drawing your attention.

Joey Atlas Scam - Diets on the water

Diets on the water

Drinking diet can be normal water and juices, broths, as well as some types of dairy products. One of its advantages is simplicity of dishes. To find the ingredients for a certain drink - it's not a shoe in look for: to buy, say, vegetables for soup just go to the first counter-supermarket click to boost it now

Diets on the water - Following a diet of drinking water a day to drink at least one and a half liters of clean drinking water without gas outset that this diet is very strict and complicated, so it can withstand not everyone as for his principle, it is more similar to the process of starvation, you can sit on it for no longer than three days.
Such fasting days is best done once a month. Thus, once after the course of such a diet, you can increase the duration by one day. However, in total, it should not be longer than 5-7 days, irrespective of your health.

The broth can be a vegetable, beef, fish, or chicken. It is only necessary to prepare itself - no soups of the briquette, or broth from the powder! click to boost it now
Immediately reassure those who do not fancy food without salt: add this seasoning to the broth can be. In addition, the list of "allowed" foods to eat parsley, celery, and carrot as for the onion and pepper, then these ingredients is better not to drink - they fuel the appetite.