Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jason Ferruggia - Protein & Carbohydrates In Muscle Building

False Information On Protein & Carbohydrates

Jason Ferruggia Article I will try to describe and clarify information about proteins and carbohydrates that are false, but people still think that is true.
Often consulted question is, how many carbohydrates and proteins include before training.
The recommended dose before training should assign an hour before training and should there be around 40 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein Jason Ferruggia

False information no.1 - from excessive intake of protein fats can not create very often reported error is that the excessive intake of protein can not create fat.

Excessive intake of anything, whether protein, carbohydrate or fat can cause the accumulation of body fat When a person needs about 3000 calories per day and fills the necessary energy chicken, protein cocktail and protein bars over the required limit, it is still above 3000 kcal, and excess goes to the liver where it is converted to glucose.

And it is known that glucose is converted into fat reserves. Jason Ferruggia Author (muscle gaining secrets review) The truth is that proteins are less risky for humans to accumulation of fat than carbohydrates, but many people live in the delusion that the excessive intake of protein can not create fat.
False information no.2 - Protein preparations take precedence over protein foods received from many beginning and advanced Jason Ferruggia Exercisers made ​​a mistake and it is the neglect of diet and think that will catch food with protein product. The most important thing is diet, and up to another site are nutritional supplements.