Friday, 23 May 2014

Physical fitness - You Know

With this failure is desperately trying to find lost confidence with a completely disproportionate exercise.
Physical fitness is gradually becoming the sole purpose of their lives, due to constant exercise often leaving their jobs or studies.
Big alexia affects about 1-2% of the U.S. population, with exceptions only men.
Her performance is constant observation of his body in the mirror, or the performance of ritual exercises.
Dr. Hollander believes that the disease is caused by a decrease in the levels of serotonin in their study therefore served bygone come pralines (used in depressive and obsessive patients).
 Indicates that the treatment is not simple
Coli priming help reduce the symptoms by about 25-35%, which can help to return to school or work and decreasing suicidal thoughts.
The permanent cure for the disease, it is necessary comprehensive psychotherapy.
This disorder described and named in 1891 by Italian psychiatrist Enrich Morsels, who regarded it as a kind of discord foodie.
Under his name was included in the hypochondriac disorders as "relentless intrusive or restrictive dealing with their own imagined visual deficiency".
Discord foodie was defined as "morbid thoughts to the belief that it is noticeable or repels their physical appearance" (, 1956). Later, scientists noticed that big alexia “is excessive confrontation with the alleged defect in appearance with normal looking people” (Freaky, Mahoney, 1994) and are characterized by "absolute commitment to morbid obsession invented defect" (Halogen, Whit bourn, 1994).