Thursday, 1 August 2013

Muscle Gaining Secrets

Your performance
So she makes the performance more for the sort of thing the audience and there is great stuff, writes plays, directs.

There across the river is a tiny theater Kappa, really nice because there is doing such nice things.
 I was doing improvisation, small "Vinita", "The Soul", Vietnam there directing or organizing performances for mothers and daughters, it is a performance of "On the Road" or performance which is dedicated to women, and even domestic violence, but then there's a show for kids now done tale "about water sprite", which is a tale of, then the "O carp Karl" play "Rona",


"Fire on the Mountain” That’s my wife doing a great it's going!
Like her?

I stay out of it. Sometimes they invite me to rehearsal and I sometimes tell them your viewing enjoyment, but otherwise stay out of it. She knows what to do.

You are threefold grandfather to enjoy it?
Well, that's wonderful! Caution! My grandchildren are amazing.
They are with us often. We shall see. They are eight, six and four. Grandson is born 10 March to Tibet Day.

Speaking of Tibet, helping people in need?
Do other countries? You know, we have it so that when you play performance of "The Four Agreements" or "fifth agreement" on a trip outside of Prague is always a tradition that goes from the performance of sales for a gift.


 Maybe now he gave 150,000.
 It depends on how big is the sales, because the greater, the greater the gift. And usually it is the case here, in the country. Either at a local purpose (nursery, a group of disabled people, wheelchair club), or is it a specific event, charity or cultural.