Sunday, 6 October 2013

Truth about cellulite by Joey Atlas- Texture of the skin

Causing a change in the texture of the subcutaneous tissue and subsequently a surface roughness of skin, which leads to the visual appearance of “orange peel” with Truth about cellulite scam by Joey Atlas?
Cellulite can be or not associated with obesity. However, with the increased weight, it appears more, since the increase of the fatty cells enhances the tightness of the fibers

When the accumulation of fat occurs excessively, can compress blood vessels and lymphatic leading to the formation of edema (swelling) and fibrosis
 In this situation, cellulite becomes more severe nodular form and hardened areas. In some cases, local pain and inflammation occurs.

The classification of cellulite
For classification, cellulites can be divided into:
Cellulite, cellulite treatment and anti-cellulite Grade 1: the holes are only perceived when the skin is pinched. May appear even in children and is more common in adolescents

Cellulite, cellulite treatment and anti-cellulite Grade 2: the holes are already perceived without compressing the skin. Running a hand over skin, you already see a ripple, and you can feel some lumps.
Cellulite, cellulite treatment and anti-cellulite Grade 3: the nodules are quite noticeable and have hardened, demonstrating that there has been formation of fibrosis. There may be local pain.

Eliminate cellulite
To combat cellulite occurs face it in several ways with Truth about cellulite info by Joey Atlas