Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Jason Ferruggia_Standard Exercises

Jason Ferruggia:Day off for us and we rested for the next workout. I would call him in a lighter. They are the same rollers and machines and finally a few series in the abdomen.
Friday: Thighs, Breast-Shoulders-Triceps

First Leg extension - 5x10
Second Abduction - 3x15
 3rd Bench press on an inclined bench-machine - 3x 8

4th Peck deck - 3x12
 5th Bars - 5x10
 6th Flies one-handed on a pulley - 5 8
 7th Pressures behind the head on the machine - 4x10
 8th French pressure lying down - 5x10

Muscle Gaining Secrets:On Friday of the total program enough. I start with lighter exercises for legs. The rest of it is devoted to exercise the upper body and not the few, but the next day off, so time for regeneration and growth is enough.

Sunday: Back-Biceps-Hamstrings-belly
 First Dead lift - 2x10, 2 x 6, 2 x 4
 Second Chin - 5
  3rd The lower pulley - 3x10
 4th Delta deck - 4 8

5th The upper pulley head - 3x10
6th Pullover - 3x12
 7th Biceps with barbell - 5 pull ups
 8th Burying - 3x10

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