Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Customized Fat Loss Review By Sergio Garcia Issued A Second Apology

To say that he had trouble sleeping and was planning to leave the European Tour event this week, Sergio Garcia on Wednesday afternoon apologized for racially insensitive remarks to Tiger Woods tourist activity in London last night, noting his comments as "nonsense and not to place."

The two players were involved in a war of words going back two weeks to the championship players and it becomes ugly Tuesday night with Garcia admitted poor attempt of humor makes Tweet from Woods: ".. comment was not made stupid This is wrong, harmful and clearly not appropriate"

Garcia joked when asked the European player in the third round of the Woods at the U.S. Open, said: "We will have it" play every night. We will be serving fried chicken." This Article Resource By Kyle Leon Product  OF Customized Fat Loss Review CLICK HERE

"Fried chicken" references relating to racial stereotypes of African Americans.
Garcia issued a statement late Tuesday apologized for the remark, then met with the media after Wednesday Pro-Am at around Went worth, top events site this week's European calendar, BMW PGA Championship.

"I want to apologize to Tiger and anyone I may hurt," said Garcia. "I feel uncomfortable about it. I'm very, very sorry. I hope we can settle down and kind of hoping to go forward."

He Issued A Statement On Tuesday Night
"I apologize for any offense may be caused by my comments on stage during the awards ceremony at the European Tour players," said Garcia. "I answered the question was made clear to me as a joke with a stupid comment, but in no way is intended to racist comments."

Garcia To The Press Conference, Woods Wrote:
"I am confident that I regret the fact that the comment was made." The player ended almost two weeks ago and it has long been time to move on and talk about golf. "

One of the donors Garcia weighed in on the issue.
"Sergio Garcia was recently attacked and have no connection with Taylor Made-Adidas Golf and values ​​of corporate culture," read the statement. "We spoke with Sergio direct and clear his regret for his performance and we believe that he is sincere. We discussed with Sergio that his comments were clearly out of bounds and we continue to look into this matter."

Garcia and Woods did not come out until the end of controversy, ranging from the simple act of Woods pulled a club from his bag beside the fairway at TPC Sawgrass Monday 11 May. Woods hit a shot from the standard and surrounded by spectators, who then cheered - that distracted Garcia, who allowed his ball from the fairway at the time, and then hit an errant shot.

Garcia complained of Woods' time, and the two went back and forth since then, with marshals on what to say and do not say about black holes.

Earlier this week, Woods asked the AT & T National media day, he planned to appeal to Garcia to clear the air. His answer: "No".

Tuesday, Garcia said .. "I mean, you can not like everything I think there are people who are connected and with whom you do not know that much, so I just think he is. Did not want me in your life I do not need it in me, and let's move on and continue to do what we do. "

But the feature game Tuesday night, Garcia joked that he asked Woods was invited to dinner at the U.S. Open. Garcia said he was taken aback and trying to be funny.

"This does not mean that," said Garcia. "I was taken aback. Fact that seems ridiculous question and I tried to answer ridiculous. Seems absolutely wrong. I want to make sure everyone knows I'm very, very sorry. Sorry I can not enough time.

"As soon as I left the dinner, I started getting pains in my body. I do not sleep. I felt that my heart will go out of my body. Feeling I had this pain all day. Hard to hit a shot all day."

Garcia said he came to Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, who missed the call, but admitted receiving. "I've enjoyed talking with him [Woods] as soon as possible, and make sure that everything is all right," said Garcia.

A similar comment Fuzzy Zoeller problems after 1997 Masters when he quipped, fried chicken must be presented at the Champions Dinner next year, which will be held as Woods champions.

Garcia said he did not know about the noise that occurred after comments about Zoeller.
Both PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and European Tour chief executive George O' Grady is a function on Tuesday evening, and Garcia said he met with the leaders Wednesday morning. Garcia and apologized and said that he was not authorized or tourism.