Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vision Without Glasses\Vision And Lenses

On the other hand, this also but was growing impracticality of glasses, which began to bother me. It has optical power increased to -2.00 diapers, and that was already in the sport started to bother.

That's Why I Said I Wanted To Try Contact Lenses:
Originally I thought that the internet order a lens with my diapers and will be done.
Very quickly, however, I was escorted out of the error and Mrs. John optometrist I gently explained that without the prior examinations were not Vision Glasses

So I'm in the office, now after refraction, and come to the "worst" actual application of lenses, that is, from what I was nervous. The first I chose wearing monthly lenses. 

While eye specialist looking for a suitable test lenses, I waited seated in a comfortable armchair investigation. Her first question was:

"It is unpleasant to touch from a stranger?" My answer was very talkative, "No." After a while I realized that the lady asked about the eye...
And now I see just how her finger with the lens closer. He was not even 5 cm from me, when my eye and intuitively closed. "Never mind" Replied. "Let it therefore myself."

Wearing Contact Lenses
After a short briefing on technology deployment and back and face recognition lenses, I went for it. With one hand I unclenched eyelids and the index finger was prepared lens. Increased nervousness and my index finger so rapped. Even in that moment I therefore