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Epic is in the heart of the forest, where the global war between the forces of good / evil, life / death, and the light / dark deployed on a small scale. The protection of forests and small falls fifth soldier was small enough to be able to ride and jump hummingbirds like locusts. On the opposite side is Boggens, nasty race of pint-sized creatures that get power from anything they touch.

Enthusiastic and eccentric professor Bomba (voice of Jason Sudeykis) has spent years studying the small inhabitants of the forest - in an attempt to prove the existence of them - ended his career cost themselves and ultimately his marriage. Alienated 17 bombs daughter, Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried) is the MK, came in with his wayward father, not long ago, after her mother died. While initially dismissive MK father crazy theory, a chance encounter with a mystical forest dwellers smacks her, most (that's it ...) epic adventure she never expected Article Resource By =>>

Professor Bomba (Jason Sudeykis) & MK (Amanda Seyfried)

The epic new 3D animation studio Blue Sky (Ice Age), and based on the children's book "Good Bugs are male and brave" winning writer and filmmaker William Joyce (he also wrote the novel inspired by the high protection). Epic Trailer has seemed pretty similar (Infamous famous?) Traditionally animated parable ecology, Ferngully: Last Rainforest, while the proportion of steam as the story and characters prototype (at the surface) , the history of fantasy Joyce is much more subtle - and elegant - a fable about the importance of faith, tolerance and how all life forms (even those that we can not fully understand) each other.

The topics are presented in a way that is digestible for children (while adults will have deep meaning) explanation of the imagination like a sheet of Men, Brogans and other small organisms in a dimensional time - so they seem to move. Ultra relatively large animals, like humans (called "high boot") the problem is that whenever Epic a chance to jump on this idea - or indeed moments of emergency - he often choose to move on to fill all the drama for the standard graphs. However, the nature of the story is strong enough to go through to make a solid film for the whole family.

Ronin (Colin Farrell), MK (Amanda Seyfried) & GCD (Josh Hutcherson)
Joyce is the author of the epic story of the screen and the script (pun!) with director Chris Wedge (Ice Age), James V. Hart (Hook), Daniel Sher (We Are Family), Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember (Get Smart). Comprehensive story, must admit that tend to affect all the access you can predict, but it is well built and offers enough in the way of adjustments / payments to out (a) the emotional impact. It still is a lower level of the best examples from the story of rival computer animation studio Pixar and DreamWorks, but Epic for real growth from the Blue Sky (especially when they churn out The next lot of old ice in recent years).

Sudeikis Seyfried and selection firm voice actor for MK and Josh Hutcherson as her father for the young and the Restless leaves Nod male warriors. However, it may take some time to adjust (not) Colin Farrell leaves emerge from the South American accent Ronin leader - my parents Nod - and Beyonce Knowles says Queen kindness and cheerfulness of Tara (mainly Forest Queen), but in general, their voices work well. Unfortunately, Aziz Ansari and Chris O'Dowd as MUB (ball) and Grub (real) never rose above a basic comic - although both characters are essential to the plot - and exist primarily for children in the audience laugh (it no more, no less).

Christoph Waltz as a leader Boggan, Mandrake, adding his voice to ordinary look - a mixture of images and sounds sinister - and the main character is the embodiment of evil, though; (pleasant) surprise of fate, the film does not take a bit of time to establish a relationship with his son Mandrake, Dagda (Blake Anderson) gives him an ounce of humanity. Finally, two great selection of voice actors Pitbull as a mob boss as a frog, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as resourceful as wise caterpillar. The nature of the former musician (happiness) is not on the screen for a long time, and some work, but felt out of place (especially in time, the number of improvised music short).

Epic animation is not clear or noticeable as it might be, but otherwise it is pretty fair and gives the story quality photo effects fun. As it turns out, is much more impressive action movie sequences using small characters POV. Epic should increase ticket prices for 3D upgrade is the film takes viewers along for the ride with a letter to her husband when they fly birds - through the dense forests and the water layer (from their perspective) of as waterfalls - and facing a "giant" of animals, whether mouse or deer in the forest leaped training.

In fact, that appreciate the beauty of the world - and life in its various forms - adds core theme of the epic, and help make the film stronger. As mentioned earlier, the film is by-the-number of child elements (including sub-plot romance is not necessary) to prevent the epic poem is entirely consistent with its title ( sorry to say it), however, it's still worth a recommendation.

If you're still on the fence about the epic, check the trailer below