Sunday, 29 September 2013

- Joey Atlas Scam - dairy products have to be limited

Protein we simply necessary and need to be obtained in sufficient quantities from plant sources, they especially rich foods such as beans, kidney beans, lentils, seeds, nuts.

Joey Atlas Scam The bread can be eaten any, but rye! For meat lovers there is great news - you can eat meat, but it is better to replace red meat for fish. And poultry quite fit for the supply of anti-cellulite, but it will need to be cleaned of skin and fat.

But dairy products have to be limited. The fact is that they constitute a special film, which prevents withdrawal of toxins and excess fat from the lymphatic system.

In addition to eating foods that contain lecithin and vitamin F - However, we cannot overdo it - an overdose can lead to undesirable effects. So you need to follow daily rate of these substances necessary for the body.
Anti-cellulite diet – drinks - The most important and indispensable drink - water. You should make it a rule to drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water daily.
 It is necessary for fat digestion, removes toxins from the body and helps to significantly reduce appetite. Natural coffee from ground beans. Joey Atlas Scam Instant, of course, convenient for us and quick to prepare, but, sadly, it contributes to the development of cellulite. Predominantly green tea - Anti-cellulite diet - eliminate from the diet.