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                                 In words that you can understand - if the psoriasis is overweight, there is a higher probability that the time it develops a highly unpleasant joint disorder, called psoriatic arthritis.
In patients with ideal weight (BMI under 25) while the risk is about 26%, for those who are overweight (BMI 25-30) but it is almost 10% higher. With increasing BMI then the risk of particular forms of psoriasis continues to grow Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Author OF Kyle Leon (

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The fact that obesity with psoriasis often occur together does not necessarily mean that one condition causes the other.
It is for example possible that the same genes increase the likelihood of developing both of these diseases.
However, there have been suggestions that certain hormones in obese reaching higher levels, especially often mentioned lepton, really multiplies the sensitivity of the organism to the emergence of psoriasis.

According to other theories unofficial vice versa psoriasis may increase the risk of obesity, due to frequent feelings of shame and other psychological problems, which is often accompanied. With that it may be related to limited physical activity and excessive food intake.

Of course, annoying pain patients with psoriatic arthritis significantly reduces the possibility of sports.
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Whatever the case, according to experts Peoria obese lose weight definitely helps. Weight loss is not only relieving the sick joints, but also cardio-vascular system. Represents also prevent a number of serious diseases associated with obesity, such as diabetes avoidance with Customized Fat loss torrent By Kyle Leon Review Visit More Information About (ACNE) Mike Walden Review CLICK HERE