Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Kyle Leon Scam - Enjoy the goodies - & lose weight

A glass of rosé or a beer in the sun? Bearnaise sauce or Kazantzakis for the piece of meat?
By choosing smart during the holidays you can enjoy the goodies - without putting on a lot of unnecessary
Just because you want to lose weight or to keep weight during the holidays, it does not mean you have to skip the treats. You just have to be smart and choose the right on the beach, restaurant and barbecue. Below is a list of options on what to choose - and what you should skip Kyle Leon Scam

Isället for ....
... A Magnum ice cream that contains 258 calories per glass, eat a Piggelin which contains only 52 kcal.
 1:33 cl ... beer that contains 150 calories, choose a glass of rosé or a glass of white wine contains 120 calories per glass.
 ... A small bowl of chips (about 3 cups), which provides 170 calories, choose a bowl of olives (about 15 pieces) that give only 96 kcal.
 ... A strawberry pie that contains about 230 calories, eat a serving (125 g) fresh strawberries with 2 tablespoons vanilla quark then you just get into you 100 calories.
 ... A bowl of sweets (100g) where you get the full 381 calories, choose instead a juicy watermelon when you only get in you 34 calories.
... A serving grilled entrecote containing 258 kcal / portion, grill a chicken breastcontaining 104 kcal / portion.
 ... A bag of chilli nuts where you're getting incredible 810 kcal, rather chew on popcornwhere a bowl (about 7 cups) contains only 82 calories Kyle Leon Scam
 ... A cinnamon bun that contains 169 calories, take a yum yum that contains only 79 kcal.
 ... 1 cup gravy which you get the full 353 calories, take 1 cup tzasiki the piece of meat and get into ou 64 calories.
 ... One 33cl coca cola which contains 147 calories, drink a 33cl Loka or mineral waterwith or without flavor without any calories at all.