Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How To Deal With Sexism

Sexist sisters
In professional life, women are talking about the so-called glass ceiling, thus their inability to penetrate into managerial positions, as well as unequal pay, problems with the return of women after maternity leave.

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This oppression relate to men, but then in the journal Medical Tribune read an interview with the Head Nurse ICU of a Prague hospital Ivan Kirchner.

"I very well consider whether the nurse is still the same benefits and support for the team, as it was before maternity leave.

Many of the girls with us right after graduation began medical school, they were eighteen nineteen, were full of energy, enthusiasm, learned everything from the ground up easy and enjoy.

The girls there will inevitably another role: mother, wife, daughter in law., not all have the perfect setting for watching the coveted branch.

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Energy did not so much concern is sometimes more than one expects.
Mental and physical fitness is therefore also experienced nurse - mothers and wives - logically more burdened everything's not as durable as before stress.

Experiences show that their performance was not always one hundred percent as before. "
If a similar comment launched a man accused him of sexism feminists From what we accuse this lady? That scalps your own kind?

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