Sunday, 14 July 2013

Joey Atlas Scam

The Ideal Case
This space includes the legendary "Phoenix", which is supposed to have eye view of something delicious, the surroundings, refreshing water park, Joey Atlas Scam

As a rule look like a living room, sitting comfortably in the "armchair", should be established and house happily pointed to the natural beauty

 So in the ideal case
The fifth animal is a "snake", which is located in the center of your house - it has to be free, undeveloped, is a reflection of the proper balance remaining four celestial animals and creates or supports stability at home and in life.

Shapes are important
The construction should be uniform (symmetrical) shape such as a rectangle or square, however, is not entirely bad. However, beware of L-type buildings, resembling an ice pick and carry only problems.

Also variously slanted side brings only confusion and disharmony, Joey Atlas which is then hardly correct.

• If the house has a gable roof that gives fire energy (ideal for small house), if the house is more suitable roof flat, flat, which supplies power to the ground (grounding, balancing his height). •

Buildings facing north (jinn) is appropriate "warm up" with the appropriate tones, while houses with the windows on the south and southwest receive a lot of yang energy and vice versa need to "add" cool colors to balance.
Land size should match the size of the house and vice versa so that they could navigate around the building from all sides.

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