Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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How to deliver the body enough iodine?
In our climate it with iodine deficiency in our body somewhat more complicated, because his biggest and source is fish and seafood.

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 If we want to do something for your health, we should include seafood in your diet at least 2 times a week, except for iodine containing such delights also important omega-3 fatty acids, which protect our body against the establishment and development of atherosclerosis.

Nowadays, because iodine artificially added to common foods, especially in salt to baby food, snacks or drinks mineral.

Among other tricks, as this trace element in our body to supply the administration with iodine-enriched feed livestock.

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As a result, significantly increases the iodine content, as in eggs, meat or milk.
 Nowadays, when our body is exposed to harmful influences of civilization, there is also nothing unusual in the use of dietary supplements which supply the necessary minerals and trace elements in the form of a human body.

 No chemicals, however, can not replace the natural resources and therefore do not rely solely on the products of pharmaceutical companies and try to adjust our diet to make it as varied as possible.

This recommendation has, of course, not only for iodine intake, but refers to the whole range of elements and minerals. Do not forget that our body needs to be pampered and every step in the right direction will be appreciated and good to us back.

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