Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Kyle Leon Review

Overweight Always

Story Pavla
Paul was always a child with mild overweight always weighed about 5 kg more than it should.
She felt that the other fellow does not fit the way it looks, Kyle Leon Review or how to go dressed. Parents did not have the money to make her buy new shoes and pants.

She tried to recoup at least that is taught to all ones. In high school, fell in love with Peter. Peter was always glad he turned for pretty girls.
 Often it warned that in turn has Folic the stomach. It was more fun for him, can not say that would blame her. The longer remember. Paul got a great job, her classmates jealous. It was nice to show off their status.
But Peter was spending more and more time at work, gradually Saturdays and Sundays. For six weeks she admitted that he has another woman.

 Paul's first managed very well. She tried to pay more to herself, went to the movies with her friends, she finally diet and exercise. Hubble relatively easily, also did not have anyone to cook after all. It was nice to hear admiring response girlfriends.

Then she met in Petra with a new girl who was beautiful and slim. It was a shock.
 Gradually, Paul began to close the home, has nowhere to go did not, especially not for dinner and visiting relatives, where she always offered food. She did always refuse, if not, then secretly went to vomit. Mother made her wonder whether sick friends have begun to whisper behind her back.

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