Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Joey Atlas Scam_After The Treatment

On examination, the patient infusion administered radioactive substance with a very short half-life, called a radiopharmaceutical. Then the device itself investigated a possible primary tumor and any metastases in the body.

"The greatest use to the patients before any extensive operations, which need to exclude such metastasis in the lymph nodes Joey Atlas Scam

Another use is in the course of treatment when we can check how the chemotherapy occupies a tumor.
After the treatment, we can see if that do not produce any new bearings, so keep check of the patient, "explained the head of Navy Juicing Comprehensive Cancer Center Renate Samaria.

"It's certainly not for all patients. Maybe some early tumor diseases such as breast cancer, this test is not necessary, since the probability of being somewhere metastasis is very small, "noted.

One of the workers of a modern department is well nurse Hanna that she transferred internally from the former children’s department.
"It's a change for the better, because it's a prestigious workplace, there is an emerging team and also the future of this field," she told the Diary.

The new pavilion in an unoccupied building Navy Juicing hospital grounds found facilities except nuclear medicine department also urology clinic and dialysis center, including nephrology clinics, to increase the capacity. In the history of medical

AGEL holding that the largest medical facility in the district operates the most comprehensive and financially costly investment , worth 120 million.

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